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Resell Rack is a fun way to thrift.

Resell Rack was founded in April 2020 as an online resell marketplace amid COVID19. We have many like-new styles from your favorite brands at substantial retail savings. We make sure all of our new arrivals we add to the site everyday is 100% authentic. Our merchandise is in such great shape anyone could mistake them as new. No knockoffs! Just Knockoff prices! We search for high quality reuse clothing, great shoes, beautiful accessories from fashionable closets like yours. Yes! we have a bargain section called X-Tra’s at affordable costs. The reason why we reuse is simple to repurpose how we use the things we love. We believe repurposing reduces harmful pollution from raw materials and energy used to create clothing and shoes. Permanently, reusing can significantly reduce landfill waste and extend clothing life which gives clothes and shoes a new life. Reuse helps us to fulfill a mission of eliminating waste. We provide resell opportunities for independent contractors who want to earn income working from home. Please subscribe to our website to learn more about consignor opportunities. If you love to just shop! we have something for you too. Subscribe and you will receive information on promotions and offers. At this time, we’re ONLY accepting spring and summer donations. Coronavirus Our response to Coronavirus is we’re helping those in need with your donations of gently reuse and clothing, shoes and accessories. Resell Rack will donate $5 to www.feedingamerica.org/coronavirus for every donation. They have launched a COVID-19 Response Fund, a national food and fundraising effort to support people facing hunger and the food banks who help them. “We are supporting (or donating towards) Feeding America’s COVID19 Response Fund. visit www.FeedingAmerica.org/coronavirus.


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Hello fellow shoppers! We’re currently building our new fashion store.
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